Johnsons gain Fair Tax Mark

We are delighted that Johnsons the Cleaners (part of the Timpson Group) has been accredited with the Fair Tax Mark, demonstrating our commitment to paying the right amount of tax, at the right time and in the right place. 

James Timpson, Chief Executive, Timpson Group said: “We are happy and proud to pay our taxes and have always strived to pay tax in the spirit of the law, rather than pursue tax avoidance schemes, which albeit legal, hardly promote a level playing field or a fair contribution to the communities in which we trade. Achieving accreditation from the Fair Tax Mark and ensuring our standards towards tax are the highest they can be, is just one way we can demonstrate to our customers and colleagues our commitment to being a responsible organisation. Not only is that the right thing to do, but it makes business sense too; as the polling reveals, more people want to shop with and work for Fair Tax organisations, so accreditation makes perfect sense.”

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