Are you wearing the suit or is the suit wearing you?

Suit -Fresh ArtAre you failing to wear your suit correctly? Johnson Cleaners are on hand to help the men of the UK get smart. So we have prepared our top 10 tips for wearing a suit to perfection. 

  1. When you are standing up, only a 1/4 inch of the shirt collar should be exposed above the jacket collar.
  2. Measure your jacket sleeves - only 1/2 inch of your shirt cuff should be exposed.
  3. Your jacket hem should fall to the point that your fingertips naturally end.
  4. Shoulder pads are tricky to alter, so when you buy a suit, ensure that they are gently sloping downwards and that they end at the shoulders.
  5. Your tie should not be seen from under the sides nor the back of your shirt collar.
  6. Ensure the hem of your trousers rests on the tops of your shoes, with a small break in the crease.
  7. When you sit down in your suit, unbutton your jacket so that it doesn't ride up - this can ruin your look and your jacket.
  8. Complete your look with a good-quality shirt, tie, belt, shoes (belt and shoes should be a matching colour) and a well-tied tie.
  9. When your tie is tied, the bottom end of it should just reach or partially cover your belt.
  10. Always have your suit jacket and trousers dry cleaned at the same time.


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