Back to School - Saved by the Spells for Stain Removal

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Many of you with little ones may seem like half-term passed you by in a flash. After a week consisting of cartoon afternoons, day trips, and long kips if you were lucky, it’s time to settle back into the routine.

Your youngster will most likely be putting on a fresh uniform, but you’ll need to prepare for those uniforms looking not so fresh by the end of the week!

We’ve provided some hints and tips below on how to pre-treat some of the most common stains. Please remember to check the care label on items before following any of the below guidelines:


1. Scene of the crime: Playground or PE lessons

Culprit: Mud

Top tip: After a week away from the playground with friends, games at break time when the bell rings could result in mud being kicked up onto clothing. When mud stains are dry, scrape away any obvious chunks of it, which you will not want swirling around your washing machine, with a spoon and scrub with an old toothbrush. Angela Hay, Branch Manager at New Hall Lane, commented, “Adding one scoop of Vanish Oxi to your wash at home can help shift mud.”


2. Scene of the crime: Art class

Culprit: Poster paint

Top Tip: An apron can only do so much during art lessons and paint may end up on sleeves. Applying a small amount of detergent to a stain eraser ball then rolling it over stains can help lift them.


3. Scene of the crime: Classroom

Culprit: Whiteboard marker

Top Tip: Brainstorming on whiteboards may result in marker pen on clothing. Solvents, such as alcohol, and alcohol-based hairsprays and hand soaps, can break down oils found in makers, but ensure you test these with a sponge on a hidden area of clothing first. If discolouring happens, seek advice from a dry cleaners.


4. Scene of the crime: Lunchtime or after school clubs

Culprit: Chewing gum

Top Tip: Check pockets for chewing gum! Angela suggests, “Put items with chewing gum stuck on them in the freezer to solidify the gum before trying to remove it. It makes it easier to pull off, but just be careful with wool!”


For professional friendly advice and help with tricky stain removal, visit your nearest branch.  

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