Chopsticks and cheer over Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is approaching and to welcome in the year of the Rooster on Saturday 28th, we're getting into the spirit!

Here's our guide on what you need to be doing. Please check the care label of any materials before following our tips:


Clean your home and do your laundry before New Year’s Day, which is Saturday 28th January. In Chinese culture, cleaning on New Year’s Day itself is believed to wash away the fresh, clear positive atmosphere and outlook a New Year brings. We'll be on hand if you need to drop off any last minute cleaning!


Practice using chopsticks to avoid spots and stains from your Chinese feast. If you’re planning a meal out or night in with a Chinese takeaway, chopsticks are a fun, yet risky, form of cutlery. Dishes belonging to this culture are often cooked in sauce and if noodles end up on the carpet or upholstery, you need to remove the stain immediately. Warm water and stain solver oxygen bleach should do the trick! Consider hiring Rug Doctor if any stubborn stains remain!


Make a Chinese dragon or lantern. Creative activities can be a fantastic way of enjoying a holiday and also bringing a different culture to light for little ones. Protect your clothes with an apron or wear old clothes. However, if the artistic afternoons result in glue on clothing, try covering the area with nail polish remover and scraping it away with a toothbrush. Alternatively, visit your nearest Johnson Cleaners branch for the item to be dry cleaned. Here’s how you can get rid of glitter if you spill any of that whilst decorating your creation.


Wear new clothes or anything red! Traditionally, red symbolises a bright and happy future, so if you’re heading out for the day, scan your wardrobe for anything this colour! It could be something as simple as a scarf or even a pair of socks! After a completely brand new outfit? This could be the perfect time to treat yourself, as it is believed that fresh clothes attract new, auspicious energy for the New Year.


If you’re attending a parade in a city centre, you could be heading to the local China town for a bite to eat or grabbing some food from one of the market stalls. This can be a messy affair, if food stains do happen, run cold water through the back of the stain for fifteen minutes as soon as possible to force the mark out before cleaning at home.


If your celebrations result in clothing or upholstery stains which just won’t budge, visit your local Johnson Cleaners branch for expert, friendly advice and a professional, efficient service. 

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