Keep clothes a close-knit fit

380x 280-Alts1We understand that it can be frustrating when you find the perfect outfit but it just doesn’t seem to fit in the right places. Or maybe the ideal attire is already sitting in your wardrobe but you feel it looks slightly dated or you are put off by a broken zip? If your heart is set on a particular outfit, don’t be put off buying it or wearing it again and consider having it altered instead. The benefits of investing in alterations include:  

Dressing to impress

Taking pride in your appearance can help to boost confidence levels and at work, it can support you in making those all-important good first impressions. If you feel your tailored items are loose or gaping in places they shouldn’t be, try to schedule an appointment with your local tailor, specialised in alterations. This will help you to feel as professional as possible at work and as comfortable as possible out of work!  

Saving money

The option of alterations can allow you to make smart, affordable, yet fashion-forward choices without overbalancing your monthly budget. If you’re a born bargain-hunter, you may have spotted a unique, original number in a charity shop or clearance sale store. But typically, the only size missing from the rack is yours. It could be just that little bit too roomy, but rather than passing up the deal, think about how it could look with some minor adjustments. Go-to clothes which you may have had for years may have lost their shape, but a skilled tailor may just be able to help this fit like it used to.

380x 280-Alts2Comfort

Every individual is a different shape and the ‘one-size fits all’ clothes typically do not fit all. Although it’s important to feel stylish, it’s crucial to feel comfortable too and baggy clothing which is falling off your shoulders or waist, or a broken zip, can result in fidgeting or discomfort. It may be worth getting your garment altered or fixed to revert it back to its original close-knit fit.


Fashions may change from year to year, but there is no reason to let go of old favourites which you love wearing. Bringing them up to date is sometimes just as simple as raising a hemline, removing a pair of shoulder pads or replacing the buttons with a more modern style to give the garment a fresh new look. With some extra added detail, you could completely reinvent an item which you already have, saving yourself the trouble of finding and buying something new. 


Why not try Johnson Cleaners’ Alterations & Repairs service? Our highly skilled tailors are there to assist. A selection of our branches even have fitting rooms! Find your local branch here.

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