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Rug Doctor is a quick and easy way to get professionally clean carpets throughout your home. 

For more information about Rug Doctor and hiring a machine from a Johnson Cleaners branch visit our CARPET CLEANING PAGE.

Rug Doctor takes a different approach to stain removal by offering individual solutions to certain specific stains and odours. Learn more about each solution and make sure you are using the best detergent for your carpets.

Carpet Detergent with Spotblok®

The standard carpet detergent from Rug Doctor can be used with all deep-cleaning/hot water extraction carpet cleaners. It cleans, deodorises, protects and rejuvenates carpets giving your home a new lease of life. This detergent Contains SpotBlok® stain repellent to protect your carpet against stains and spills long after it has been cleaned.

Use either 1 litre, 2litres or 4 litres depending on the area you are planning on cleaning.
1litre cleans approximately 400sq ft/38m2 (2 large rooms).
2litres cleans approximately 800sq ft/75m2 (4 large rooms).
4 litres cleans approximately 1600sq ft/150m2 (8 large rooms).


1ltr Carpet Detergent2ltr Carpet Detergent4ltr Carpet Detergent

See the video here on how you use Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent.

Pet Formula Carpet Detergent - 1ltr

Rug Doctor Pet Formula Carpet Detergent deep cleans with pro-enzymatic technology that dissolves hard urine crystals, eliminates odours and removes pet fur oil and protein stains. Domestic pets contribute to leaving allergens in carpets which can leave the whole house smelling of their presence. Not only that but pets can often walk dirt into carpets from outside.
Before using : Test for colourfastness with properly diluted solution in an inconspicuous area. Wait 10 seconds then blot with a white cloth to check for colour transfer. Not recommended for use on non-colourfast materials.

See the video here on how you use Rug Doctor Pet Formula Carpet Detergent.

 Pet Formula

Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner - 1ltr

This Rug Doctor Detergent is Oxygen boosted to clean and revitalise fabrics and upholstery. The Oxygen boosted formula is double concentrated to give twice the cleaning coverage. Its dedicated fabric cleaning formula does not over-saturate fabrics unlike the multi-use carpet and upholstery detergents of some other brands.

See the video here on how you use Rug Doctor Oxy Power Fabric Cleaner.

Oxy Fabric Cleaner

Oxy power Stain Remover - 500ml

Rug Doctor Oxy Power Stain Remover is a Which? Best Buy and lifts the toughest spots and stains from carpets, fabrics and upholstery. It disrupts the chemical bonds of the stains, rendering them colourless thanks to its unique oxy cleaning action. Rug Doctor Oxy Power Stain Remover even works on dried-in stains. The Oxy Power has the cleaning power of bleach - but without the bleaching 'effects'.

See the video here on how you use Rug Doctor Oxy Power Stain Remover. 

 Oxy Stain Remover

Spot and Stain Remover 500ml

This Which? Best Buy Spot and Stain Remover solves nearly every kind of commonly occurring spill or stain.Use Rug Doctor Spot & Stain on carpet or upholstery to remove stains from food, beverage and grease spills.

See the video here on how you use Rug Doctor Spot & stain Remover.

Spot &Stain Remover

Urine Eliminator - 500ml

This product is effective against urine, feces and vomit stains and destroys underlying odours. Use on carpets, mattresses and colour-safe fabrics. For the best results apply and leave overnight with a damp cloth covering stain to remove acid based stains.

See the video here on how you use Rug Doctor Urine Eliminator. 

Urine Eliminator

High Foot Traffic Cleaner - 500ml

High-traffic carpet areas like hallways and kitchen entrances attract tough, oily soil marks especially near kitchens and doorways. Rug Doctor High Foot Traffic Cleaner is a powerful pre-cleaning agent with a soil-lifting formula. It's specially formulated to break the bonds of embedded dirt and grease from areas of heavy foot traffic.

See the video here on how you use Rug Doctor High Foot Traffic Cleaner.

Traffic Lane

Odour Remover - 500ml

For carpet, upholstery and fabrics, deodorising, enzyme formula eliminates foul odours such as smoke, mildew, urine, vomit and more. Rug Doctor Odour Remover works with or without a cleaning machine. Odour Remover's special enzymatic action attacks foul odours at their source y killing the bacteria that causes the oudor.

See the video here on how you use Rug Doctor. 

 Odour Remover

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