The Dinner Date Do's and Don'ts

Feel the love this Valentine's Day and adore the clothes you're wearing!

With ‘love in the air’ as Valentine’s Day approaches, you could have meal plans with your significant other, a circle of friends, or the closest person to you. Of course, your choice of outfit will depend on what type of restaurant you are heading to and you’ll probably already have some ideas in mind of what you might want to wear. When you look good you feel good and there are a few obvious ‘Do’s and ‘Don’ts’ for preparing for your night which will help towards you feeling as confident and comfortable as possible...


1. Plan: The unpredictably of spontaneity can be exciting, but if you’re an organised person and want to get your outfit spot on, make plans in advance to avoid the disappointment of a particular piece of clothing not being clean and crease-free. 

2. Inspect:  Earlier that week, lay your chosen attire on your bed or hang it up and hold it front of you to observe it for any marks. You may want to take it to your nearest Johnsons branch if anything jumps out at you.380x 260-vday1

3. Try on: Whether you’ve gone for a smart blouse or shirt with tailored trousers, or a more casual look with knitwear and jeans, check your reflection in a full-length mirror with a twirl and make sure you’re smiling back. Try on your shoes too to get a complete idea. A worn heel on shoes can lead to discomfort and can affect your balance, so you may want to consider re-heeling with Johnsons at your nearest branch to avoid the risk of getting swept off your feet in more ways than one!  

4. Freshen: Chances are you’ll be freshening up with a shower right before your date, so why neglect freshening your clothes? Maybe there are no obvious stains on your outfit, but completely clean clothes can make you feel that little bit more special. Visit us for help and advice.  

5. Smell superb: Spray on your favourite perfume or cologne for a pleasant scent. Both your body and clothes will smell great, helping you to feel as confident as possible and give off a sweet, satisfying aroma!


Don’t380x 260-vday2

1. Be late for your date!: The last-minute panic we are all too familiar with needs to be avoided at all costs before the night; team each piece of clothing together to ensure you have a couple of clean options in mind prior to your date. See what mood you’re in on the day and go with what you’re going to feel most comfortable in.

2. Wear something you wouldn’t normally wear: Just because it’s a special occasion, don’t be tempted to buy something new and completely off the cuff compared with your normal getup. The wonderful world of fashion is a matter of personal preference. The most important thing is to pay attention to your own thoughts and instinct and embrace what you want to wear, not what anyone else wants you to.

3. Risk: Going out with even the most minor stains on your clothing could potentially lead to nerves and self-consciousness, and these are the last things you need, especially if it’s a first date! Rid your outfit of any even remotely marked areas to ensure maximum confidence and only the good type of butterflies during your candle lit dinner. You could do so by visiting your nearest branch.  

4. Fall at the final hurdle: So you’ve planned out the perfect outfit and now it’s time for some grooming. Instead of getting ready in the outfit you’re excited to wear, add any finishing touches in some loungewear. Ladies, make-up spillages and gentlemen, hair gel disasters on the clothes you wanted to wear all along could result in an unexpected palaver!   

5. Forget: Remember to protect your clothes during the meal. Use napkins on your lap and just be cautious of spillages. Two of the most common crafty culprits are red wine and spaghetti! We will be able to help with any post-meal disasters.  

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