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Select your dress type:

Please select which dress type below most closely matches your dress. This is so the correct size presentation box and packaging can be added to your order. 

Dress Column Style


A slender dress with no boning or petticoat, little to no flair in the skirt.

Price £160.00
Dress Aline Style

A line/Fishtail

Typically a fitted bodice with a modest skirt flair. Up to two layers of petticoat.

Price £180.00
Dress Princess Style


Suitable for full skirted dresses with 3 or more layers of petticoat.

Price £200.00

Please note that prior to cleaning your dress will be inspected against the style type selected. In the case of a clear discrepancy our Customer Care team will contact you to discuss any payment variance or the return of your dress.

Dress Information

In this section you can provide further details about your dress. Please give us as much information as possible about any marks or stains, as this will help us to select the most appropriate cleaning method and get the best possible results. 

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Additional Extras

Please tick any additional items you wish to be cleaned and packaged with your dress. If your dress has a detachable train, this is included as part of the dress and is covered within the cleaning price. All other extras are priced at £5 each.