GreenEarth® Dry Cleaning

Johnson Cleaners are the UK’s leading dry cleaners, with over 300 branches providing a dry cleaning service for virtually all items of clothing.

Whether customers access our service in our retail stores or at their place of work, their clothes will be cared for using GreenEarth®

Johnsons dry cleaning is different, we are the only national UK dry cleaner that uses GreenEarth® instead of harsh chemical solvents.  Most other dry cleaners will use Percholorethylene (Perc) which is petrochemical based. Perc is a very strong solvent and is more likely to strip colour, damage sequins or embellishments and cause shrinkage than a gentler alternative. 

Gentle, non-toxic GreenEarth® leaves clothes looking smarter and colours stay bright and true. Perfect for the clothes you love and wear every day, as well as cashmere, embellishments or suedes and leather garments.

To find out more about Johnsons GreenEarth® technology visit the GreenEarth® Cleaning website at