GreenEarth® Dry Cleaning

Expert Green Dry Cleaning from Johnsons

Johnson Cleaners are the dry cleaners of choice to public sector organisations across Great Britain.  As well as our network of over 300 branches, our professional and friendly team and our industry expertise, one of the reasons government-funded bodies choose Johnsons is our use of GreenEarth®

Johnsons dry cleaning is different, we are the only national UK dry cleaner that uses a product called GreenEarth® instead of using harsh chemical solvents.

Most other dry cleaners will use Percholorethylene (Perc) which is toxic, petrochemical based dry cleaning solvent. 

Non- toxic, gentle GreenEarth® is a more environmentally friendly choice, proven in independent tests to be equally as effective in removing marks from clothing. 

Whether your dry cleaning needs are for uniforms, business dress, ceremonial gowns or personal clothing, why not enquire about a business account today.

Want to know more about GreenEarth®? Visit the GreenEarth Cleaning site for research, FAQs and more.