Restoration items which need to be dry cleaned as part of their treatment will be cleaned using GreenEarth® instead of harsh chemical solvents.

As well as reducing the environmental impact of any claim, supporting the corporate social responsibility policies of both restoration contractors and insurers, GreenEarth® is gentler on fabrics.

Most other dry cleaners will use Percholorethylene (Perc) which is petrochemical based. Perc is a very strong solvent and is more likely to strip colour, damage sequins or embellishments and cause shrinkage than GreenEarth®

GreenEarth® is proven to be:

  • The only environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning solution
  • A non-irritant
  • A non-contaminant of soil and water

To find out more about Johnsons GreenEarth® technology visit the GreenEarth® Cleaning website at