Care Labelling

Why Retailers Recommend Us

When you look at a care label, you are more and more likely to see a GreenEarth® or Johnson Cleaners recommendation alongside the 'dry clean only' symbol.

Responsible organisations with the textile industry are considering the environmental impact of their product.  Over the lifecycle of a garment, the aftercare can represent a bigger proportion of that impact than the manufacturing process.  As members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition through our relationship with GreenEarth®, we are working to help manufacturers reduce this impact.

As more and more retailers understand not only the environmental advantages, but also the increased design flexibility that GreenEarth® offers - incorporation of delicate fabrics and leathers, intricate detailing and finishing, bright and true colours even after cleaning - Johnson Cleaners have moved beyond garment testing to supporting on the wording and design of care labels.  GreenEarth® cleaning at Johnson Cleaners is now recommended on ranges from many high street and designer stores.

In particular, embellished garments and suede and leather items are featuring GreenEarth® and Johnson Cleaners recommendations, as we provide the perfect after care solution for these much in demand items.

At the same time, this decision to recommend has many other benefits:

  • Recommending a safe and reliable form of textile and garment aftercare
  • Supporting environmental commitments and responsible manufacturing
  • Increased customer satisfaction