At our Specialist Centre we have a dedicated division that deals with rectification issues, partnering with retailers ensuring their garments are improved and enhanced.

With over 200 years’ experience in processing garments we have the skill set and expertise to deal with a wide range of textiles, such as; dry clean & laundry off garments removing colour runs etc, suede and leather items, household etc. Plus, we also have the ability to hand finish and repair garments when required.

Within our Specialist Centre we house an Ozone Chamber that eradicates odours and kills mould spores and bacteria. Garments are placed in the Ozone Chambers for as little as 15 minutes or depending on the level of contamination, overnight.

With all rectification orders we can ensure an excellent quality control process including; 

• Pre retail quality audits
• Part orders
• Quarantined stocks

As a national provider we have the capability to offer national collection and delivery up to 7.5 tonne capacity as well as the only centres in the UK who offer GreenEarth® dry cleaning; the only environmentally non-toxic dry cleaning solution. Click here for more information about GreenEarth®.

If you would like to know more about our rectification service please call our team on 0800 597 1555 or complete our enquiry form.