Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

Magical cleaning after your magical day. Every wedding dress is precious, so we’ll show yours the care and attention it deserves. 

Professional wedding dress cleaning in-store

Bring your wedding dress to a Johnsons shop near you. It'll always be expertly cared for by our specialists. 

Dry clean all wedding dresses

From A-lines to fishtails, we clean, repair and preserve all types of wedding dresses. This includes extras such as veils, jackets, shawls and more. 

Professional care & attention

All wedding dresses are inspected and cared for by our team of expert specialists, offering outstanding service and attention to detail.

Experienced wedding dress cleaners

We care for 1000s of wedding dresses every year, masterfully working with specialist fabrics, delicate embroidery and elegant accessories. 

Luxury presentation box

For a small additional cost, your wedding dress will be lovingly folded in acid-free tissue paper and returned to you in a beautiful presentation box.

Bridal shoe cleaning

Get your bridal shoes cleaned at your local Johnsons store!

The wedding dress cleaning & boxing process

Your wedding dress is special, so it requires special care. Every wedding dress is sent to our state-of-the-art Specialist Centre and put into the caring hands of our skilled professionals. 

Introducing our Wedding Dress Clean Room

All wedding dresses will be cared for in our advanced Wedding Dress Clean Room, where specialised equipment is used to give your dress the best possible care. 

This includes a specialised UV Light Room, which identifies any invisible marks or stains (usually champagne!) and allows us to clean wedding dresses thoroughly. 

The Clean Room is used exclusively for wedding dresses, and our specialists even cover their shoes to minimise dirt in the facility

Wedding dress cleaning with GreenEarth®

Since they typically feature delicate fabrics and exquisite embroidery, wedding dresses require a gentler clean. 

All wedding dresses are cleaned exclusively with GreenEarth® - a kinder cleaning solution that’s friendlier to the environment (and wedding dresses!) than traditional dry cleaning chemicals. 

  • First-class cleaning results
  • Environmentally non-toxic
  • A much kinder clean
  • Prolongs the life of fabrics
  • Doesn’t chemically react with clothes

Taking the time to show proper care

Your wedding dress deserves special attention, so we never rush things. Every dress is meticulously inspected and then lovingly cared for by our specialists. 

Every wedding dress is different, so we’ll take the time to offer an individual treatment plan, before carefully folding it away in an exquisite presentation box* that preserves its condition. 

*Please note, presentation boxes cost a small additional fee

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does your wedding dress cleaning take?

Our standard service time is three weeks. However, over the Christmas period, this will increase to 5 weeks as we close over Christmas and New Year. This is to give your dress the time and attention required for such a special item, but please let us know if you need it faster and we’ll try to help. 

Lead times will also increase if our wedding dress inspection does not match your order details. 

Will my wedding dress be insured whilst being cleaned?

Dresses are automatically insured for loss and damage whilst in transit, but they are not insured against damage during the cleaning process. However, in the rare event of a problem, compensation will be offered in most cases. 

Any compensation will be based on the value of the dress and depreciated according to the guidelines as supplied by Textile Services Association.  

Why should my wedding dress be cleaned?

Your wedding dress is one the most precious pieces of clothing you will ever own. It is a keepsake that reminds you of your special day and it is essential that it is preserved. In order to prevent damage, fading and discolouring, it is important that your dress is professionally cleaned. 

Although your dress may look stain-free, invisible marks like champagne can cause yellowing fabrics years later if it isn’t discovered and correctly cleaned. 

How will you clean my wedding dress?

Our expert wedding dress cleaning team have many years of experience with delicate fabrics and embroidery, and your dress will be cleaned by our specialists using their extensive knowledge. 

When dry cleaning wedding dresses, we exclusively use GreenEarth® - a gentle alternative to traditional dry cleaning. GreenEarth®  is gentle so won't damage delicate embellishments on your dress.

Our specialists will also identify any invisible marks or stains in our UV Light Room, which helps us remove any unseen blemishes and return your dress in the best possible condition.  

How long have you been cleaning wedding dresses?

We have nearly 200 years of experience in cleaning wedding dresses and understand that all gowns are unique and precious. Every wedding dress is individually checked by our specialists, to make sure the most gentle and effective cleaning technique is used. 

How should I package my dress for collection?

We understand that your dress is precious, which is why we use the DPD Swap It service, the box you place your dress in cannot be opened until it gets to our Specialist Centre. To prevent damage or loss, we recommend these three simple steps:

1. Place your dress, veil and any other pieces into a polythene bag.

2. Print out your order confirmation and place it in the bag with your dress.

3. When the driver arrives place this bag into the secure box that the driver brings along.

Will all the marks come out?

Our team use their knowledge and years of experience to treat each individual stain. However, delicate materials often used for wedding gowns require gentle treatment and sometimes this limits our ability to treat ingrained soiling. We recognise where to stop before risking damage to the dress.

How will I get my dress back?

Once we have cleaned and preserved your dress, you’ll receive an email to once it is ready to collect in-store. 

Please note: we can only deliver the dress back to where we collected it from prior to cleaning. 

Why do you package my dress in a presentation box?

Not to mention how beautifully the box presents your dress, your cleaned dress needs to be stored away to prevent any damage to the dress over time. 

Leaving it in polythene in your wardrobe or attic can damage the dress. Our boxes are made from acid-free materials and your dress will be packaged in layers of PH-neutral tissue paper to prevent any yellowing or discolouration.