The Johnson Cleaners laundry service has been designed to meet your individual needs. Whether its the full weekly family wash, bedding and towels, ironing or just freshly laundered and pressed shirts, we have it covered.

Drop & Go Laundry Service

The weekly wash can take over your life, not to mention your home. If this is you, our great value Drop & Go service takes care of all your laundry needs. We offer three size options (small, medium and large) with two service levels:

  • Wash, Dry, Iron and Fold
  • Wash, Dry and Fold

Important: Please use separate bags for coloured and whites.

Ironing Service

Let’s face it; ironing is a chore, something that most people would rather put off until the last minute. Take advantage of our professional ironing service and get your garments back as good as new. Simply bring in your garments and household items and our experienced, highly trained team will handle your ironing with the utmost care and attention to detail. Ironing is charged per item at between £2 and £6 depending on the size and number of items. Please make sure that your garments are not too wet or scrunched up as we may have to re-wash or tumble dry your clothes and this will incur an additional charge.

Professional Shirt Laundering

A special occasion coming up? Whether it’s that favourite outfit for a wedding, a tuxedo for a corporate event or a sparkly dress for a festive night out, our colleagues are here to help you look your absolute best. Johnson Cleaners also have the facilities, equipment and expertise to deal with items that require further care and attention, such as multi-layered ball gowns or heavily embellished garments. These will be sent to our Specialist Centre. Service times vary depending on the garment, but our in-branch team will discuss this with you when you place your order, so you know when your item will be ready to collect.