Duvet & Bedding Dry Cleaning

Nothing beats fresh bedding. This quick and easy dry cleaning service keeps you feeling as snug as a bug. Stop putting it off, visit your local store!

Freshen up your bedding with professional duvet dry cleaning

Everyone loves the feel of fresh bedding, so regular duvet cleaning makes sure you’re warmer and toastier than ever. Whether you’ve got a feather or down duvet, keeping them clean is just as important as washing your usual bed sheets.

Duvet Cleaning

You probably wash our duvet covers regularly, but your duvet inserts need some love and attention too!

Why is washing your duvet so important?

Experts recommend that your duvet inserts and pillows are cleaned every six months, but our research shows that a third of Britons don’t actually do this.

Other studies show that an unwashed duvet contains up to 20,000 live dust mites, along with the bacteria and fungal spores they leave behind. These things can result in irritated skin, eyes, and sleepless nights, so professional dry cleaning ensures you’re sleeping in a comfortable and hygienic place.


Our bedding dry cleaning service

Getting your bedding and duvet cleaned is easy-peasy with Johnsons. We’ve got 200 branches all over the country, so just bring your laundry into your nearest store and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your comfy bedding can be professionally cleaned, ironed or even repaired, including all of the following: 

Duvets - inserts & covers
Bed sheets
Pillows - inserts & cases
Sleeping bags
Mattress toppers
… and so much more!

Duvet & bedding dry cleaning at Johnson Cleaners

What we do

It’s not just all about speed and convenience, though, and our service also provides highly-effective sterilisation and removal of all allergens. Your duvet will be returned as clean as new, stored in compact packaging to keep it fresh until you’re ready to use it.