Johnsons the Cleaners at Waitrose

Johnsons partner with Waitrose to offer dry cleaning and laundry services in 180 Waitrose shops around the UK.

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Services on offer


Dry Cleaning

Wash and Fold

Shirt Service

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Home Furnishings and Curtains

How does it work?

To access Johnsons the Cleaners services in your local Waitrose branch, follow the simple steps below;

  1. Head to your nearest participating Waitrose branch
  2. Take your items to the Welcome Desk and give them to the Waitrose Partner working on the desk
  3. The Waitrose Partner will take in and ticket your items ready for collection by our logistics manager
  4. You will be asked to make payment for your items in the Waitrose shop as normal
  5. Our logistics manager will collect your items and take them to one of our laundry and dry cleaning hubs
  6. Our colleagues will inspect your items upon arrival at the hub 
  7. Your items will be cleaned by our expert technicians
  8. Your items will be delivered back to your local Waitrose branch within 3 days after you dropped them off. Specialist items, including wedding dresses will take longer.
  9. You will receive a text message to notify you when they arrive back at the Waitrose branch
  10. Visit you Waitrose branch at your convenience and collect your items from the Welcome Desk

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