Every branch of Johnsons Cleaners offers a repairs and alterations service. Our colleagues will assess your garments to provide a tailored service from replacement zips and length adjustments to detailed repairs and garment resizing.

leather jacket repair

Repairs and Alterations for Clothing, Shoes and Home Textiles


We all know how annoying it is when the zip goes on your favourite pair of trousers, or the hem drops on your go-to little black dress. Save the stress of a shopping trip for a replacement -  bring your garments into your local Johnson Cleaners branch. Our Repair Specialists offer a wide range of services, including repairing tears, zip replacements, new buttons, buttonhole re-sewing and much more. Nothing is too much trouble; simply bring your garment into your local branch.

The service time for repairs varies depending on your garment. Our branch team will always tell you when you can expect your order to be ready when you drop off your items. Simply pop into your local branch to get an estimated service time. 


Every branch of Johnson Cleaners provides a comprehensive clothing alterations service. Whether it’s a favourite pair of trousers that need to be shortened, jacket sleeves altered, a dress taken in at the waist, or even your curtains altered, our highly skilled colleagues will take care of it. We offer a quick turnaround for alterations and repairs to most items. Specialist items such as wedding dresses or leather items may require the attention of the team at our Specialist Centre, which can take a little longer. Our branch colleagues will always tell you when you can expect your order to be ready when you place your order. 

Please note, our repairs and alterations services is not available through Waitrose Welcome Desks.