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Specialist Wedding Dress Cleaning 

At Johnson Cleaners we know that every single wedding gown is precious. With nearly 200 years experience and a specialist team of experts, we offer an unrivalled professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation service.

Our custom built centre for wedding dress cleaning houses our specialist bridal team and equipment. Our dedicated team of experts will care for and hand finish your gown, before its folded it in layers of acid-free tissue paper and placed in a beautiful hand finished presentation box. Explore the links below to find out more about the process and place your order.

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  • Expertly Cared For

    Dedicated bridal wear team and equipment

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    GreenEarth® is gentle on delicate fabrics

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  1. Emma's Review
  2. Expertly Cared For
  3. GreenEarth® Cleaning

"My wedding dress came home today, squeaky clean and beautifully presented. Thanks @johnsoncleaners #JohnsonsBridal 💕 "


"Caring for wedding gowns with all their delicate trims and specialist fabrics is sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. It's an honour to care for such a special item. "

Neil Smith- Fabric Technologist