Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to get my dress cleaned? View

Your wedding dress is one the most precious pieces of clothing you will ever own. It is a keepsake that reminds you of your special day and it is essential that it is preserved. In order to prevent damage, fading and discolouring it is important that your dress is cleaned. Although your dress may look stain free, invisible marks like champagne can cause yellowing fabrics years later if it isn’t discovered and correctly cleaned. 

We take the time it needs to give your wedding gown the care and attention it deserves that’s why is usually takes around three weeks to clean and finish your special dress. If you need it sooner, let us know and we will do everything we can to meet your date.

Wedding Gowns are folded in layers of acid-free tissue paper to prevent discolouration of the fabric and placed in a beautiful hand finished presentation box created from specially-milled neutral board. This will protect the dress from the light whilst allowing the fabric to breathe, preserving your dress for years to come.


How will you clean my dress? View

Johnson Cleaners expert wedding dress cleaning team have many years of experience with delicate fabrics and embroidery, your dress will be cleaned by our specialists using thier extensive knowledge. If your dress is dry cleaned, we will use GreenEarth®a gentle alternative to the traditional perc dry cleaning. GreenEarth®  is gentle so won't damage delicate embellishments on your dress.

Johnson Cleaners specialist centre houses a a UV light room so that our experts can spot any marks or stains that cannot be seen to the naked eye but could cause long term damage. 

We have nearly 200 years experience in cleaning wedding dresses and understand that all gowns are unique and precious which is why each one is individually checked to make sure the most gentle and effective cleaning technique is used. 

If you would like to discuss the cleaning process of your gown please feel free to contact us. 

What happens if something goes wrong? View

During transit dresses are  insured for loss and damage. In the rare event of any problem occurring during the cleaning process, compensation will be paid based on the value of the dress as supplied by you in the order form, and depreciated according to industry guidelines as supplied by the Textile Services Association.

If you decide you need to cancel your order and would like a refund please contact our customer services department.

How should I package my dress ready for collection? View

We understand that your dress is precious which is why we use a the DPD swap it service, the box you place your dress in can not be opened until it gets to our specialist centre. To prevent damage or loss we recommend these three simple steps:

1. Place your dress, veil and any other pieces into a polythene bag.

2. Print out your order confirmation and place it in the bag with your dress.

3. When the driver arrives place this bag into the secure box that the driver brings along.

You can check the status of your order at any time by clicking here.

Will all the marks come out? View

Our team use their knowledge and years of experience to treat each individual stain. However, delicate materials often used for wedding gowns require gentle treatment and sometimes this limits our ability to treat ingrained soiling. We recognise where to stop before risk of damage to the dress.



How will I get my dress back? View

Once we have cleaned and presevered your dress, we will email you so that you can book your dress out on your preferred date. 

Please note, we can only deliver the dress back to where we collected it from prior to cleaning. 

Why do you package my dress in a preservation box? View

Not to mention how beautifully the box presents your dress, once clean your dress needs to be stored away to prevent any damage to the dress over time. 

Leaving it in polythene in your wardrobe or attic can damage the dress. Our boxes are made from acid free materials and your dress will be packaged in layers of PH neutral tissue paper to prevent any yellowing or discoloration.