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Whether it's uniform, business dress, ceremonial gowns or personal clothing, your organisation can take advantage of a first class dry cleaning and laundry service from Johnsons for Business.


Our experience in the Public Sector

Local and Central Government, Education, Emergency Services and MOD organisations all have their own unique requirements when it comes to garment cleaning and aftercare.

Whether it's uniform, business dress, ceremonial gowns or personal clothing, your organisation can take advantage of a first class dry cleaning and laundry service from Johnsons, using our unique GreenEarth® technology.

Our drop and collect dry cleaning and laundry service allows your team members to take full advantage of Johnsons GreenEarth® cleaning technology with the added benefit of convenience.

Having a national network of retail branches and UK wide van coverage means we can deliver a quality dry cleaning and laundry service directly to your workplace, enhancing employee motivation with this added convenience benefit... at the same time keeping your premises and people looking their best!

Expert Green Dry Cleaning from Johnsons

Johnson Cleaners are the dry cleaners of choice to public sector organisations across Great Britain.  As well as our network of over 300 branches, our professional and friendly team and our industry expertise, one of the reasons government-funded bodies choose Johnsons is our use of GreenEarth®

Johnsons dry cleaning is different, we are the only national UK dry cleaner that uses a product called GreenEarth® instead of using harsh chemical solvents.

Most other dry cleaners will use Percholorethylene (Perc) which is toxic, petrochemical based dry cleaning solvent. Non- toxic, gentle GreenEarth® is a more environmentally friendly choice, proven in independent tests to be equally as effective in removing marks from clothing. 

Whether your dry cleaning needs are for uniforms, business dress, ceremonial gowns or personal clothing, enquire about a business account today.

Laundry & Ironing

Why waste time on Laundry & Ironing? Sometimes laundering the items you need to run your business can be an unnecessary distraction.  Also a machine breakdown can literally leave you high and dry. 

Laundry and Ironing Service Our highly trained team wash, dry, iron and fold each and every item individually to ensure that any textile item we return to you is pristine and ready for use. Businesses across the country use this service to provide a laundry service to their customers, as well as their own business.

Laundry Service Includes: bed linen, shirt laundry, tablecloths and napkins, cushion covers, non dry clean workwear

Curtain Cleaning with Care

Dry Cleaning of curtains is the most effective way to rid your curtains of accumulated dust, dirt and allergens. Whether it's a simple pair of curtains from a residential care home window or elaborate swags and tails from the city theatre, we have the expertise.

Our specialist cleaning service removes the microscopic particles to create a healthier and cleaner environment. We dry clean your curtains according to their care instructions and they are expertly hand finished by our highly trained teams, giving you the best results.

We recommend that cleaning of all window dressings (including swags and pelmets) is undertaken on a six-monthly basis.

From offices to town halls... We can clean a wide range of sizes and styles of curtains, leaving them feeling fresh and clean. We can also provide flame retardant treatments on curtains and other upholstery items that come with all the required certification. Ask us about our curtain take down and rehang service.

Curtain Repairs & Alterations

If you need to have your curtains repaired or altered, our experienced seamstress can carry out any work required.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Solutions

We offer two solutions for cleaning and refurbishing floor coverings:

Carpet Cleaning

Rug Doctor machine hire is the professional carpet cleaning system you can use yourself in any business environment. The Rug Doctor equipment is highly effective and uses foam and high-powered spray extraction. This enables you to spring clean your carpet at a fraction of the cost of employing a specialist cleaning company - and it’s so simple to operate and carpets dry quickly. The Rug Doctor system also includes specialist upholstery chemicals for use on upholstered fabric seating.

The Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine is available for hire over 24 or 48 hour periods to suit your business. Pre-booking may be necessary so simply contact your local store for more details.

Rug Cleaning

Alternatively we also offer a professional rug cleaning service. This guarantees to leave your rugs brighter and cleaner, creating a welcoming environment. Rugs can bear the impact of high traffic in areas such as reception and corridors but partnering with Johnsons can leave them pristine and fresh, day in, day out. We can also provide flame retardant treatments on curtains upholstery items that come with all required certification.

Bedding & Linen

For clean duvets & pillows

There is nothing better than fresh bed linen; wouldn’t it be nice the duvets in the premises you manage are equally as clean?

Experts now recommend that your duvet and pillows are cleaned at least every six months. In fact, scientists found that a typical duvet contains up to 20,000 live house dust mites along with bacteria and fungal spores they leave behind.  Duvet cleaning at Johnson Cleaners provides highly effective sterilisation and removal of allergens, leaving your duvet fresh and hygienically clean.

Fresh bedding

Fresh and clean bedding is an essential component in delivering high standards in residential public sector environments from care homes to military bases. We can support you whether you are interested in a regular weekly service, or have a specific short-term need.

Our services include:

- Sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers (laundered and pressed)
- Duvet cleaning and pillow refurbishment
- Bedspreads, cushions and other bedding accessories (including fine finishes and heavy fabrics)
- Bedspreads and Mattress toppers and Mattress protectors

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