Businesswear Dry Cleaning

Always make the right impression. Dry clean your suits, shirts and dresses to get the most out of your office wardrobe. 

Smarten up your favourite office outfits 

Nobody wants to look scruffy at work. We’ll clean, iron and care for all your favourite businesswear to keep you looking sharp. 

Suits & Ties

Enjoy premium suit dry cleaning to make sure you always look clean, fresh and smart around the office. 


No more creases! Get your favourite work shirts professionally washed, ironed and folded before the next workweek. 

Dresses & Skirts

Show your smartest skirts and dresses the attention they deserve. We’ll make sure you always look the part at work!


Keep your trousers looking sleek, smooth and straight. Wave goodbye to creases, stains and dirt!

Clean your suits, shirts & more at Johnsons

Getting ready for another week of work? Not to worry, our skilled dry cleaners will keep you looking smart and professional.

Washing & ironing without any of the fuss

You’ve just had another hard week at work, and you’re already worrying about all the laundry you’ll need to do before Monday. You’re certainly not alone.

Since you’re such a busy bee, looking your best around the office isn’t always easy. In fact, washing your businesswear at home can risk shrinkage, colour fade and loss of shape. 

There’s no need to stress. Our skilled professionals will wash and iron your smartest workwear to keep you looking crisp, clean and crease-free!

Suit dry cleaning with GreenEarth®

Every single suit that comes through our doors will be treated with GreenEarth® - an environmentally-friendly dry cleaning solution which is gentler on fabrics. 

  • A non-toxic cleaning solution, used exclusively by Johnsons
  • Cleans suits just as effectively as harsher chemicals
  • Prolongs the life of suits by offering a much gentler clean
  • Protects suits against the risk of wear, shrinkage and colour fade

Clean your businesswear in our shops

Don’t worry if you’re short on time, we’ll dry clean your suits, shirts, dresses and other businesswear in a way that suit your schedule. 

Businesswear cleaning in-store

There’s no need to book, simply bring your businesswear into your local Johnsons store whenever’s easiest for you. 

Depending on how busy the shop is, your dry cleaning will usually be ready to collect again in just 24 hours, ready to smarten up your next workweek. 

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