Woollens & Knitwear Dry Cleaning

Caring for delicate knitwear can be tricky, but we’ll make sure they get the loving care and attention they deserve.

Find the best care for your favourite wool knitwear

Look after your most delicate knitwear with our exceptional dry cleaning service.

Wool Coats

Get ready for the colder weather and spruce up your warm wool coats. 

Wool Sweaters

Freshen up your favourite wool sweaters, cardigans and other cosy knitwear. 

Wool Rugs

Banish bacteria, dust mites and other nasties with wool rug dry cleaning. 

Wool Scarves

Care for your scarves to stay warm, fresh and clean in the cold weather. 

We care for all types of wool at Johnsons

From Cashmere to Angora, we’ll show all your precious woollens the love they need.

We make sure your woollens get the best care 

Let’s face it, natural wools are difficult to care for at home. It’s all too easy to get things wrong and ruin your precious knitwear forever. 

Don’t worry, our experienced specialists can clean and care for all types of wool, including: Cashmere, Lambs Wool, Merino, Angora and Mohair.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your woollens before cleaning, paying close attention to the specific care label instructions. 

Whether they’re lovingly handwashed or delicately machine-washed, we make sure your woollens get the best care possible. They’ll be returned feeling fresh, soft and bright! 

Delicate and gentle dry cleaning with GreenEarth®

Unless it’s being handwashed, your knitwear will be treated with GreenEarth® - an environmentally-friendly dry cleaning solution which is gentler on fabrics.

  • A non-toxic cleaning solution, used exclusively by Johnsons
  • Cleans your wool clothing just as effectively as harsher chemicals
  • Prolongs the life of wool knitwear by offering a much gentler clean
  • Protects your woollens against the risk of wear, shrinkage and colour fade

Clean your woollens in your nearest Johnsons shop

Simply bring your knitwear to your local Johnsons shop and our in-store specialists will take care of everything for you. Your cleaned knitwear could be back with you in as little as 24 hours! 

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