Reproofing Service

Don’t get caught in the rain. Reproof your waterproof jackets, trousers and much more to make sure you always stay dry. 

Restore your favourite waterproofs to keep the rain away

Don’t worry if your trusty waterproofs are no longer keeping you dry, our reproofing service makes sure they’ll soon be repelling water and rain again. Instead of chucking them out and buying expensive replacements, we can restore the protection that time, wear and weather have taken away from your waterproofs.

What is reproofing?

Over time, your waterproofs can become less effective at repelling rain. Instead, you might notice that they’ve started absorbing water and moisture, leaving you feeling wet to the bone and wondering whether you need to replace them. 

Reproofing is a process that restores the protection that time, wear and weather have taken away from your garments. In short, your waterproofs will be made waterproof again, making them just as water-repellant as when they were first bought.

Our reproofing service

The specialists at Johnsons Cleaners provide a quick, quality service that brings your trusty waterproofs back to life. We can apply re-proofing to a wide variety of items, including waterproofing jackets, trousers, hats, gloves and much more. 

To make use of this handy service, simply drop your items off at your local Johnsons store. Your items are usually ready to collect in 10 to 14 days, ready to wear on your next adventure into the great (not to mention wet) outdoors.

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