Sheepskin Boot & Rug Cleaning

From UGG boots to your bedroom rug, we’ll bring your precious sheepskin items back to life.

Get your precious suedes and leathers cleaned by our specialists

Cleaning suedes and leathers is notoriously tricky. No matter how hard you try, the scuffs and scratches just never seem to come out properly, while sometimes it feels like there’s just no coming back from a nasty spill. We’ve all been there, but it’s not ruined just yet. 

Our professional leather and suede dry cleaning service is exactly what you need. Using the most advanced equipment and technology, our specialist team can soon breathe new life into your old suede and leather favourites. After all, your most valuable clothing deserves to be properly looked after.

Cleaning motorcycle jackets and other leathers

Rain. Wind. Snow. The sworn enemies of your precious sheepskin boots. When they aren’t regularly cleaned, your boots will quickly become tired, worn and, well, UGGly.

Don’t panic, our specialist cleaners use advanced techniques to restore them to their former glory. We’ll give your boots a thorough inspection, then decide on the best treatment based on factors such as: colour, type and condition of the skin, soiling, stains and wear marks.

Each boot is finished by hand, with conditioning and protective treatments applied to stop them from looking old and dirty. They’ll be fresh and comfy once again, which means you can wear them much longer!

Sheepskin rug & coat cleaning

Our specialist cleaners can also help you look after your sheepskin rugs, coats and other sheepskin items.

Simply bring them to your local Johnsons branch for a thorough deep clean. Most items will be sent to our Specialist Centre, where they’ll receive special attention to improve their appearance and durability.  

You can read more about our rug cleaning here, but please contact your local branch for more info on the sheepskin services they can provide. 

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