Suede & Leather

Scuffs. Scratches. Stains. Get professional care for your favourite leathers and suedes, including jackets, suits, trousers and so much more. 

Get your precious suedes and leathers cleaned by our specialists

Cleaning suedes and leathers is notoriously tricky. No matter how hard you try, the scuffs and scratches just never seem to come out properly, while sometimes it feels like there’s just no coming back from a nasty spill. We’ve all been there, but it’s not ruined just yet. 

Our professional leather and suede dry cleaning service is exactly what you need. Using the most advanced equipment and technology, our specialist team can soon breathe new life into your old suede and leather favourites. After all, your most valuable clothing deserves to be properly looked after.

Our suede & leather cleaning service

It doesn’t matter how tired they might look, your best-loved suedes and leathers should never be abandoned. From suede jackets and suits to leather gloves and handbags, we can restore your old wardrobe favourites with all of these amazing services:

Remove marks, scuffs and blemishes
Banish stains
Touch up scratches
Clean and brush items back to near original condition
Re-wax leather
... and much more

Cleaning motorcycle jackets and other leathers

Whatever bike you ride, you always need to look after your motorcycle leathers. That’s why we offer a special service that cleans and cares for them properly.

Your precious bike leathers will be sent to our state-of-the-art Specialist Centre, where they’ll be individually assessed and treated to restore them to their former glory. Here’s what to expect from our Full Clean and Refurbishment service: 

Cleaning - our advanced dry cleaning techniques ensure leather jackets don’t stiffen, as we use a gentle alternative to traditional harsh cleaning chemicals. This doesn’t just involve washing dirt away, but also an extensive cleaning of the interior and lining of your bike leathers. 

Refurbishment - from classic black to multi-toned racing colours, we can re-spray and touch up the colours to rejuvenate your favourites.  

Alteration & Repair - our specialists can take care of scratches, tears and other alterations. Additional charges will apply for this service. 

How long does suede and leather cleaning take?

Most suede and leather items will be sent to our Specialist Centre, so it usually takes around 2 weeks for your items to be returned to you. However, turnaround times can vary due to the complexities involved with suede and leather cleaning.

For example, excessive staining and special requests for repairs can impact how long we need to look after it properly, so this will also affect the lead times.

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