Coat Dry Cleaning

Freshen up your favourite coats with professional dry cleaning in local Johnsons shops.

Professional coat cleaning for all your favourites

From timeless trench coats to woollen winter warmers, we’ll keep your coats looking fresh year after year, season after season.

Winter Coats

Get ready for winter and freshen up your warmest, thickest and comfiest winter coats. 


From puffers to waxed jackets, we’ll clean your favourite light jackets without any fuss.

Faux Fur Coats

Look after your faux furs and other winter warmers with the sensitive care they deserve. 

Experience quality coat cleaning at Johnsons

It’s that time of year again. Get ready for the changing weather with a quick coat cleaning service that makes your life easier, fresher, and more comfortable! 

Cleaning techniques tailored to your coat 

When you bring your coat to us, our professional cleaners don’t just throw it straight in the washing machine. 

Instead, we carefully inspect your coats and identify the best way to care for them, paying careful attention to the material, dirt levels, and specific care label instructions. 

In short, we make sure every coat gets the best treatment possible. It’s just how we do things. 

Coat cleaning with GreenEarth®

Every single coat that comes through our doors will be treated with GreenEarth® - an environmentally-friendly dry cleaning solution which is gentler on fabrics. 

  • A non-toxic cleaning solution, used exclusively by Johnsons
  • Cleans coats just as effectively as harsher chemicals
  • Prolongs the life of coats by offering a much gentler clean
  • Protects coats against the risk of wear, shrinkage and colour fade

Clean your coats in Johnsons shops

There’s no need to book or call us in advance. Simply bring your coat to your local Johnson Cleaners, and it could be ready to collect again in just 24 hours. 

Most coats can be cleaned right there in the shop, but more complex fabrics (such as leather, suede and faux fur) will be sent to our Specialist Centre to enjoy the special care they need. 

If your coat is sent to our Specialist Centre, it will be ready to collect in-store again within 2 weeks. 

Why coat cleaning is important - and not just in winter!

Don’t worry, we get it. Your wardrobe rotates every new season, so it’s easy to forget about cleaning your coats. However, they should be cleaned regularly if you want them to look good. 

Without caring for them properly, your coats can quickly become dirty, smelly and even riddled with moth holes - especially if they aren’t stored well. 

Of course, our professional coat cleaning service ensures your jackets get the care, love and attention they deserve. Just bring your coats to us and we’ll clean them thoroughly inside and out! 

How often should you clean your coats?

Don’t wait until they smell or show signs of dirt, your coats should be cleaned regularly to banish all of the hidden bacteria and other invisible nasties. 

Every coat is different, so your coat cleaning schedule will depend on two very important things: 

1. The fabric your coat is made from

Some coats needs cleaning more often than others. For example, your raincoat will need cleaning more often than your leather jacket. 

2. How often you wear your coat

Obviously, if you wear a coat every day for 2 weeks, this will need cleaning more regularly than a jacket that’s worn once a month!

When you bring your coats to your local store, our cleaning professionals will be happy to give you further advice on cleaning your specific coat! 


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